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Our Services For Buyers

Many buyers find that the traditional yacht brokerage market does not operate in a way that they are comfortable with. Our clients choose us because we model our approach on the advisory services that they use in other significant and complex transactions.

The Yacht Match System is actually two systems. The first is our AI-driven scoring and coding of yachts currently on the market that we perform pre-diligence upon to produce a list of deal-ready options. The second is a targeting system that clients use to surface their aesthetic and use case requirements. Used in conjunction the Yacht Match System produces a list of curated overall matches.

Our market intelligence reports give buyers conflict-free information structured to reduce uncertainty. The sections of the reports that clients find most valuable are depreciation modelling, use case suitability, and the deal mechanics that inform offer strategy and target pricing.

Our clients can engage us for any or all of the following pre-close stages:

  • Targeting
  • Offer Strategy And Negotiation
  • Integration Diligence
  • Document Diligence
  • Closing

Our post-closing representation is modelled on mergers and acquisition integration. If pre-closing is about identifying and buying the best yacht to support the required user experience, post-closing is all about making sure that experience is available to the buyer.